About Jo

Joanna Yaeger, or as she’ll quickly tell you, Jo to her friends, is a breath of fresh air and brings a sound like no other. Growing up on Sing Sing Road in the small upstate New York town of Horseheads, Jo proclaimed from the age of 4 that she would sing for the rest of her life. At a young age Jo was composing poems that later blossomed into songs as she fell further in love with music. From this early time in her life she began performing for family, friends, church events, and school functions as she was continually developing her talent.

In late 2014, Jo’s dreams of moving to Nashville became a reality. She worked part time jobs to survive while playing shows and writing as much as shecould. In 2016 she took the leap of faith to pursue music full time quitting her last “real” part-time job. She continued booking her own shows around Nashville and surrounding areas playing an average of 7 times a week and writing.